19. Welveraner Buchenwaldlauf VIRTUELL

Hallo TV Flerke Mitglieder, Buchenwaldläufer, Lauf- und Walkingfreunde,

nur weil alle Laufveranstaltungen abgesagt wurden, heißt es nicht, dass ihr nicht laufen könnt. Dazu haben wir den „Buchenwaldlauf VIRTUELL“ ins Leben gerufen.

Schon jetzt haben sich 274 Teilnehmer angemeldet, macht bitte bei diesen Spaß auch mit.

English version see below

Alle Informationen dazu unter www.buchenwaldlauf.de

Die Anmeldung zum 19. Welveraner Buchenwaldlauf virtuell endet am Freitag, den  8. Mai 2020 um 23:59 Uhr

English version:

Our annual competition – this year in a virtual way on May 9th, 2020

For the first time being, we change our competition to a virtual one.

What does it mean:

You’ll run or walk on your own but take part in a real competition

How to register:

–    choose your route

–     fill in your details

–     registration is free of charge; if you like to give a small donation, we highly

appreciate this

After registration:

You’ll receive a start number and a confirmation with all the details you have

given via e-mail

How to start:

On  May 9th  you can start at any time from your door step.

Please keep in mind that you have to complete the chosen

distance (eg you chose to run/walk 5 km and you finish after 4,9 km,

then your results cannot be evaluated).

What to do with your results:

Refer your information regarding route, time and distance via e-mail to us.

Please also add a screenshot of your details.

This has to be done until 6 o’clock pm.

After the competition:

There will be an evaluation per distance.

A certificate with your details and results will be available and ready

for loading if you click on your name

In total:

This competition is based on trust.

With reference to the Corona virus, please do  keep in mind to stick to

the regulations of your country.

We wish you a pleaseant run, lots of fun and are looking forward

to having this challenge together.

On this day we won’t be together….but united in mind.

Gruß vom Orgateam BWL -V-